Varieties of Tyres under one brand – Continental Car Tyre in Noida

Continental Tyre Neare me in Noida

Varieties of Tyres under one brand – Continental Car Tyre in Noida

This organization commonly known as continental is a German-based company. They are the leading Tyre manufacturer in the industry. They play the major role in the market regarding bringing innovations and latest technology to the market.

Continental Car Tyre is among the best because they have all those needed features that can make the drive easy, comfortable and safe. They have a wide range of Tyres. Some of them are as follows but they have besides these discussed here have many more other options:

Winter Contact™ SI:

This is a winter Tyre which has the intense hold in the rain, snow and even ice.

Polar Plus Technology keeps the Winter Contact SI stuck to the ice and snow in intense winter conditions.

Extreme Contact Sport™

Tried as far as possible by the title-winning racecar drivers, the Extreme Contact™ Sport fulfills even the most requesting driver. This dynamic, ultra-superior road Tyre is worked for auto devotees and built for extraordinary grip in dry and wet conditions. Sport plus Technology gives exact dealing with; security on wet, tricky streets; and superb tread life.

Terrain Contact™ A/T

This is the perfect off-road Tyre for CUV, SUV and Light Trucks with the strength to vanquish earth, rock, and grass.  while giving a peaceful, agreeable ride on asphalt. This Tyre strikes the ideal harmony between rough terrain footing and on-street behavior.  This Tyre has 3 years of improvement, more than 1,500 Tyres test on more than 2,000,000 million miles – all to convey a sturdy off-road Tyre.

True Contact™ Tour

Visiting execution Tyre that is planned with an emphasis on long-wear, eco-friendliness, and best-in-class wet braking. This is the longest enduring all-season Tyre.

For any surface and each season, there’s a Continental Car Tyre that conveys prevalent execution and unparalleled security.

So either you have a heavy vehicle or light weighted vehicle all you need is a good Tyre. That suits perfectly according to weather and your driving style.

They use the best technologies for making of the Tyres.  Some of the basic technologies that are used are as follows:

  • Extended Mobility Solution
  • They have wide Tyres
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

And many more all these just to make your ride safe and comfortable. Choose these high-quality Tyres with authorized dealers in Noida and enjoy the driving on any surface.