Make your winter more fantastic by exchange normal tyre with winter Continental Tyre

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Make your winter more fantastic by exchange normal tyre with winter Continental Tyre

As winter approaches, drivers should start planning for driving with bike, cycle, and cars. You can think that there will be a good mix of snow, ice, rain and dry spells on the road. To cope with this mix of different road conditions and make the ride on road more comfortable. So, winter tires are strongly recommended.  At the top of winter tire list, continental Tyre provides you best tyre according to your vehicle.

So, when winter is approaching and the thermometer reaches 7 °C in north India. You need to give rest your summer tyre and go to Continental Tyre dealer in Noida for buying new winter tyre.

The roads will usually be cold, wet and slippery.  But winter tyre of Continental provides a much better hold in these conditions compared to summer tyres. For your safety, changing from continental to winter tires is a good idea before the start of the winter. And Continental Tyre Dealer also consult you to choose the best tyres for your vehicle.

  • Newly advanced slick Tyre for hobby racers:-

Providing sustainable performance with higher durability in any kind of racing track. Creating new bodies for significantly greater braking stability, precision turn-by-turn, and better angular exhaust traction. Completely new compound variant adapted for supersport bikes and superbikes.

  • Continental Tyre to attack rain:-

Their innovative pattern design helps to ensure optimal water clearance and high grip in extreme wet track. Due to a state-of-the-art racing rain compound, controlled ride with high response features.  Which provide excellent traction even under tough riding conditions.

  • Continental Tyre for race track:-

High-performance race tyre available in various compounds and design for the perfect adaptation to make your race faster in different conditions. And the Multi-Grip Technology of this tyre also ensures high mileage, for endurance racing track. Normal Road legal only maximum 270 km/h (169 mph).

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